Thank you for stopping by. My name is Katie and I’m so happy you’re here. I’d love to tell you a bit more about me, and in turn, I hope to learn a little about you.

Hello, friend!

I am married to a wonderful guy, Tommy — by day, he is a mechanical engineer and by nights and weekends, he is a fantastic daddy. 

I have three gorgeous children who are the lights of my life. Gracey is 6 and our twin boys, Sam and Nolan, are 4. Each time I look at my children, I wonder how I ever got so lucky. 

We live just north of Milwaukee and love spontaneous day trips, get-togethers with family and friends, and of course the great outdoors!

I have been a professional photographer for 14 years! My photographic style is entirely journalistic and moment-based. I have several years of experience as a full-time photographer at various newspapers across the country. My work has been published in local and national publications such as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Wisconsin State Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Denver Post and the (St. Paul) Pioneer Press. I started my wedding and portrait business in 2008 — since then, I have photographed approximately 120 weddings in the Milwaukee, Madison and surrounding areas!
For you, this means a whole lot of good stuff. It means I capture you and your loved ones exactly as you are. It means you'll never hear me say, "I didn't get that shot. Can that little boy be totally adorable again?" It means I won't let you feel lonely or nervous behind the camera. I don't cheese it up and I don't pretend. I let you be you. Leave the documenting and creativity to me. I absolutely love being behind the camera and my passion for what I do runs deep.

Now go ahead, click on over to the contact page ... I can’t wait to talk more. :) 

Send me a message and let's chat! I'd be nothing less than honored to be by your side with my camera.