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Miniature Milky Ways, you keep staring at me. And I keep avoiding you, one leftover piece of Halloween candy at a time. Well, for the most part, at least. Two a day can’t hurt, right? Wrong. Who wants a half-bag of mini candy bars? I’ll leave them on our front porch … no questions asked, brides-to-be. 🙂

I was reading an article in a health magazine earlier this week as Tommy and I waited for a doctor’s appointment. I can’t place the name of the super-skinny-celebrity who was being interviewed, but it was one of those, “Tell us all your secrets” write-ups. Ms. Celebrity admitted she has a sweet tooth. “Ooo I can relate to this,” I thought to myself … so I read on. She said she’s addicted to dark chocolate. Even better, I thought! A healthy woman who eats chocolate! Every night before she goes to bed, she says, she eats six or seven … (wait for it) … chocolate chips. Yes, that’s right, six or seven chocolate CHIPS. “Are you kidding me?” I said outloud as I threw the magazine back on the table. Tommy asked what was wrong. I told him about the celebrity’s oh-so-mind-blowing confession. “I could swallow seven chocolate chips at once, without chewing,” I said as Tommy laughed. Come on ladies, let’s be real. A chocolate chip is 3 calories. Seven chocolate chips is 21 calories. That is no confession … that’s just stupidity.

Moving forward … how about this AMAAAAAZING weather. Sunny and 60 in November means there’s still time to squeeze in those Christmas card photos! 🙂 If you’re considering fitting some photos in before Christmas, just ask. It’s not too late!

Now for a little catch-up. Remember the beautiful Jillian? I thought I’d post a few more shots from her session. She’s been at the top of my blogging list for quite some time!

I’m not exactly sure what constitutes good bokeh and bad bokeh … but in my book, the shot below has just plain pretty bokeh (i.e., the little dots of light you see the in the background).

When I’m photographing high school senior girls, I oftentimes pray they’ll never lose the self-confidence they possess in these very moments. College can be a tough time — finding yourself, choosing your career, discovering your passions and meeting your life partner — but with confidence and faith, good things will follow. I hope my photos will somehow help people realize how beautiful they actually are, both inside and out.

For the last shot, I set up a light to make the colors pop a little more, for a slightly more dramatic effect. I’m in a “photographic stage” where I prefer playing with natural light, but I also try and push myself to try new things …

It’s been a busy week! I’ve had a couple wedding consultations (congrats to Loreen and Derek who booked their October 2011 wedding last night!), lots of editing (as always), a healthy amount of newspaper work and, of course, the process of transitioning my business name (more on that later). 😉 Let’s just say, name changes are not easy, especially when I have so many things invested in one little name.

Stop back soon, and enjoy this beautiful day. 🙂


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