Friday’s Frame ~ G, S + N.

“Mommy, I’m making you pretty!” Gracey said as I sat on the floor while she twirled a comb through my hair.

Typically, the minutes I allow her to “comb” my hair while I put on mascara are harmless and cute. She’s helping, we say. “Beautiful, honey!” I tell her as I peek over my shoulder every 10’ish seconds.

Then, I felt some pulling. And more twirling. And a bit of tugging.

“What are you doing, sweet girl?” The boys were crawling around in their diapers, eating day-old Cheerios, grabbing each other’s matchbox cars and attempting to use their sister’s hair bows. Tommy was taking a nap — he took first shift that morning.

And I — well I soon would realize I had a comb permanently attached to my head. I was planning to leave to meet up with a sweet 2016 wedding couple in about a half hour. When you have three little kids, plan on getting exactly half of one thing accomplished in a half hour.

It took around 15 minutes of me messing with the comb in the mirror before I realized that thing wasn’t going anywhere.

“Please stay here honey and play with your brothers, I’m going to get Daddy.”

I headed upstairs — sweating a bit by now — went into our bedroom and said, “I’m stressing. Can you get this out?”

As Tommy tugged and pulled and stretched and, well … tore my hair, he said, “You’ve officially lost control.” We both laughed. I prayed the boys were still alive downstairs.

“Gracey?” I yelled. “What is Nolan doing?” I could hear Sam.

“Oh, he’s just being an old man, sitting in his old man chair.” (Nolan lounges in one of Gracey’s foam princess chairs and looks like the cutest old man you’ve ever seen.)

Those 30 minutes were pretty telling about our past year. The twins are 1 and Gracey is 3. 2014 was filled with lots of mama time and a limited number of amazing, wonderful clients. Friday’s Frame took a bit of a break, but for good reason. (See the 481 photos below.) 2015 will be a bit busier once again. I currently have 14 weddings in the books — I can’t wait for each and every one. Beautiful couples and gorgeous venues — new faces and places my camera hasn’t yet seen. It’s going to be a wonderful year. 🙂


Sammy and Nolan love the TV remote. They have zero interest in TV and have never watched more than five seconds straight. That would be pretty awesome if they did, though. (Hello, mini-mommy-break.) For now, they have lofty goals of destroying all those buttons.


Somedays I dress them alike. Somedays I don’t dress them at all. See that remote again? Who needs legos.


Are you seeing a theme here? “Oh twins, how fun, they must play together all the time!” Uh yeah they play together, during the two minutes each day they’re not trying to beat each other up.


And then there’s my sweet girl. She loves her boys. “Mommy, are our babies still little?” she asked me this morning. Yes, sweetie, they’ll always be little in my heart.


A couple months back, our girl made the huge accomplishment of being fully potty trained, day and night. Once she reached this milestone, we told her, she would get a special mommy/daddy/Gracey trip to the waterpark. This past weekend, GG and Papa watched the boys while Tommy and I had some Gracey time. Off we went …


A hotel stay isn’t complete without some popcorn to snack on post-swimming …


Thanks for catching up with me, I can’t wait to share more this year. 🙂


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