Friday’s Frame ~ Milwaukee lifestyle photographer


I can’t seem to keep these babes indoors this summer and I’m loving it. 🙂 Trikes, swimming, sand, bugs, slides, dirt, rocks, balls, swings … little boy heaven. There’s quite a few frogs in our yard and once the boys find one, I hear lots of, “Here froggy, come here froggy, jump froggy, eeeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!!” They won’t touch the frog unless Daddy or Gracey picks it up. Then, it’s basically 5 minutes of kid-screaming. No frogs are harmed, for those keeping track.


A sequence of Nolan absolutely losing it when the frog jumped on him. 🙂 He’s a little sensitive … <3


Our girl had her last day of 3K this week and while she skipped down the hallway saying, “BYE SCHOOL!” I had a few tears in my eyes. I’m so emotional about basically everything. 3K was only 4 hours a week (two 2-hour mornings) but it was so good for her. The first few days of 3K, she basically screamed for 20 minutes while I sat down the hallway out of sight and cringed. God bless all the wonderful teachers in this world, you are angels and you’ll never know how much we appreciate what you do for our children. She’s grown in so many ways and she’s all set for 4K in September! *tears*


This weekend will be filled with family time and an engagement session downtown ~ Happy Memorial Day friends!


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