Jacob Thomas ~ A child in their arms.


He paced back and forth, her eyes filled with tears. I was just a bystander who knew deep in my heart, today would be the best day of their lives.

Sometimes life is just too, too good. Worlds collide and two good friends fall in love. I witnessed their proposal, their wedding and now, the birth of their first child. I’m still not certain how they trusted me with this moment but I know this much to be true: Michael and Becky understand the gift of parenthood is the greatest story ever to be told with a camera.

Michael is an incredibly talented photojournalist for the Wisconsin State Journal. Becky is my former boss during our newspaper days and most importantly, she is one of my strongest, most sincere, understanding, enduring friends. Michael and I share a passion for photography and Becky and I share a love for creativity and motherhood. These two together are perfect. I may have introduced them years back but honestly, as I watched them walk the hospital halls, labor with each other for days (yes, days), make big and little decisions together in consideration of Becky’s health and the health of their child, banter back and forth about one worry to the next, laugh with each other and cry simultaneously … I had absolutely no idea how perfect of a couple they’ve always been.

Their birth story wasn’t one any of us could have expected or imagined, yet it was totally beautiful in every way because it ended with this perfect baby boy. I was able to hold Becky’s hand and provide her with a bit of reassurance as Jacob Thomas took his first breath, and I saw the weight of the world lifted off Michael’s shoulders after he first met his son. Michael’s fears quickly morphed into the radiant “Michael smile” we all know and love — at that point, I knew all was right and good. Becky, you’re so, so strong and I’m so proud of you ~ you’re the most amazing mama. Michael, you’ve always been her rock and for that and many other reasons, you’re gold ~ I can’t wait to see you take on your most important role yet, fatherhood.

A special, special thank you to the doctors and nurses at Meriter for not only their exceptional care of Becky and Baby Jacob, but also for allowing my camera present. (I was a bit concerned/impressed Michael never took out his camera leading up to the birth, but then Baby Time came and he hauled out an entire suitcase of gear. WHEW, less pressure on me.) 🙂

xoxo, congratulations to you all. 🙂

Jacob Thomas King

9 pounds, 3 ounces // 20.5 inches long



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