Kristin and Ndiva ~ Discovery World wedding

Every once in awhile, I photograph a wedding that sets my heart on fire. It’s not always about the city’s most beautiful venues, although Milwaukee’s iconic Discovery World is absolutely a dream. It’s not entirely about the dress, the details, the suits and ties ~ although, Kristin and Ndiva were looking so, so good on their wedding day.

The best of weddings ~ the weddings that make me continue coming back to this beautiful job of mine ~ are solely about the bride and groom. It’s about the dynamic they have together, their undeniable love for each other, the bonds they have with their family and friends, and their story. An incredible wedding is about a couple’s past, present and future. The magic is found when the groom breaks down into tears as his bride walks down the aisle. It’s how they snuggle their daughter together during a few quiet moments after the ceremony. It’s about a man holding his mom tight during the mother/son dance ~ I see in his eyes that he’s not afraid to show emotion and gratefulness.

As Kristin finds her place in Ndiva’s arms, I see a woman who feels loved in the fullest of ways. As Ndiva looks at his wife ~ the mother of his little girl ~ I see a man who feels like the luckiest.

K + N’s Discovery World wedding was one I simply will never forget. Their wedding was the fourth time I’ve photographed them, and I’m so thankful they’ve chosen me to document their most important moments through the years. Every time I see them, I love them a little more. And their little girl, Neyla? Goodness, what a beautiful little blessing.

A special thank you to my second photographer, Jen, who once again was working by my side. The gorgeous flowers are by the talented Bank of Flowers. Thank you, K + N, for such a remarkable day!


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