Lori and Dewey ~ Engagement session at The University of Chicago

Truth be told, this late-summer engagement session at The University of Chicago was every reason (and more) I absolutely adore my job. This incredibly sweet pair ~ Lori and Dewey ~ were referred to me by one of my all-time favorite wedding couples, Jordynn and Chris. Lori was a bridesmaid in Jordynn and Chris’ wedding, and I knew if she was anything like Jordynn, I’d be in for another incredible session. Lori and Dewey picked their photo locations on their own, and it was like our visions had been in line since the first time we spoke. The University of Chicago is an absolutely stunning place, filled with so much historic character and charm. Beautiful stone arches, ivy-covered walls, and grand, mature trees ~ it was a dream. We ended our session on the rooftop where Lori and Dewey live ~ the sun was setting across Chicago’s skyline, and that light paired with this couple’s infectious, playful love for each other was absolute perfection. L+D, thank you so much for such a lovely evening in Chicago!


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