The W Family ~ Wauwatosa family photographer


Oh my, this Wauwatosa family session just couldn’t have been prettier. A sweet little girl, her loving parents, the autumn light ~ it all worked together for some beautiful fall family photos. Wauwatosa is such a picturesque little city ~ every time I’m there, it feels like home. A special thank you to my friend and fellow photographer John Maniaci for sending this family my way. It was so great meeting you three! <3

wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo002 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo003 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo004 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo005 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo006 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo007 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo008 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo009 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo010 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo011 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo012 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo013 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo014 wauwatosa_family_photographer_w_photo015


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