Angie and Luke ~ Milwaukee wedding photographer


She almost didn’t go, Angie said when talking about their first date. It was a double date with friends in downtown Chicago.

“I came all the way to Chicago and almost made my friend turn around,” Angie said with a laugh. She was nervous — nervous to meet him, nervous if they would click, nervous if it would even be worth the drive.

But then, the minute she saw him, she knew.

“I was glad I didn’t turn around,” Angie said with a laugh. “So was I,” Luke said, smiling.

A few weeks back, I had an amazing time taking engagement photos for these two — Angie, a teacher, and Luke, a firefighter, are the perfect compliments of each other. Their smiles and laughs never end. Angie runs around the beach as if it’s her second home and Luke’s adoring glances aren’t far behind. Thank you, Angie and Luke, for showing me around your home and Chicago. I absolutely can’t wait for your Lake Geneva wedding next year! xoxo



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