Rachel and Heath ~ 10 year wedding anniversary celebration


There’s something absolutely inspiring about this family.

Through the years, I have gotten to know Rachel and Heath on not only a client level, but also as friends. They’re fun-loving, sweet, easy-going, real and fantastic parents. Rachel is the type of honest, smart, loving mom any woman can relate to and Heath is a kind, smiling-from-ear-to-ear kind of dad. I first met them shortly after their daughter was born, and I’ve photographed their family multiple times since.

A couple months back, a message landed in my inbox from Heath. He was planning a surprise 10-year anniversary party for Rachel. He would be reenacting their rehearsal dinner on her parents’ farm, and he was wondering if I’d be available to document the evening and recreate a few of their wedding images. My heart skipped a beat ~ I knew I simply had to be there for this milestone and celebration.

Witnessing a wedding day is pure magic and joy. But witnessing a 10-year anniversary celebration is something even closer to my heart. There’s nothing better than seeing a lasting marriage and true friendship between two deserving people. And their children … they just don’t get any sweeter.

Did I mention, in a strange twist of fate, Rachel’s sister, Elizabeth (also at the celebration), is my Hero Nurse? She cared for me during and after the births of all three of my babes. (A woman doesn’t forget a fantastic nurse.) <3

Thank you, Heath+Rachel+Family. You all make my heart smile!


When Heath and Rachel kissed, Dylan attempted to kiss his big sis, Eve … cracked me up!



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